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Adidas Offers To Help Prep Programs Ditch Native American Mascots

The German based sports apparel company, which has North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon, will allow schools to volunteer for a program intended to “insure the transition is not cost prohibitive” in transitioning away from Native American themed mascots and imagery, the company announced in a release.

“But the issue is much bigger,” the statement continued. “These social identities affect the whole student body and, really, entire communities. In many cities across our nation, the high school and its sports teams take center stage in the community and the mascot and team names become an everyday rallying cry.”

There are approximately 2,000 schools across the nation, including 63  in Alabama, who currently use Native American Mascots including nicknames Braves, Chiefs, Choctaws, Indians, Red Raiders, Redskins and Warriors.  Over the past two years 12 institutions have dropped the mascots and 20 are considering a change.

Several states across the country have enacted legislation banning the use of potentially offensive Native American mascots and imagery.  There has not been any official action taken in the State of Alabama.

Supporters of the mascots point to long traditions and say that they highlight the contribution of native people to American society.