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Michigan Cancels Alabama Satellite Camp

Madison, AL – The Michigan Wolverines and head coach Jim Harbaugh will not be making a trip to the Tennessee Valley this spring.

An amendment, concerning players and coaches participation camps, passed by the Alabama High School Athletic Association’s Legislative Council on April 12th effectively placed Michigan’s planned satellite camp at Madison’s Bob Jones High School illegal.

According to a memorandum sent to AHSAA coaches and administrators, fall sports may engage in unlimited competition during three of the four weeks: June 27th, July 4th, July 11 and July 25th. The memo went to read that schools may not participate in a camp outside the dates of the allowable three week period allowed by the association, however, individual players are allowed to participate in camps outside the allowable three week window providing the player does so individually and at their own expense.

The most damning part of the ruling, as far as satellite camps are concerned, addresses the participation of coaches:

“Outside the allowable three week period, if a member school’s facilities are used by any outside entity for an event, including but not limited to, camps, showcases, combines, or individual skills development, a coach, who’s players (grades 7-12) are participating in the event, may NOT work the event.”

Satellite camps, sponsored by schools outside the southeast region, have become popular among Alabama high school coaches and players since Michigan made headlines by holding a camp at Prattville High School last summer.