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New Vestavia Hills Rebel Logo Unveiled

Vestavia Hills, AL – Vestavia Hills Rebel fans got a glimpse of what their re-branded identity will look like during a work session April 27th.   The Vestavia City School board elected to make a change to the program’s long time “Rebel Man” logo after an extended community debate.

Vestavia tapped Birmingham based Knight Eady Sports Group to present branding options to the board.  Knight Eady has also developed re-branding packages for the Alabama High School Athletic Association and graphic packages for the ESPN SEC Network and the NCAA Gymnastics Championships.

The presentation of the 1Rebel image is not the completion of Knight Eady’s rebranding efforts and will likely not serve as the program’s primary logo.  The mark is derived from Rebels head football coach Buddy Anderson’s quote, “If you play one Rebel you play us all”.

“Our team continuously places an emphasis on providing a professional approach for the development of new branding for Vestavia Hills High School,” Knight Eady CEO David Knight said in a release. “Wednesday’s update to the Board of Education allowed us to share our findings from over 150 hours of research and release our campaign theme moving forward. We are now actively working in the design phase of the project, where we will develop new primary and secondary marks and a complete brand style guide for the school.  We look forward to releasing the complete brand package in a few weeks.”

Knight Eady is slated to present their full branding package for the school board’s final approval by mid-May.

Vestavia City Schools has reportedly agreed to pay Knight Eady a total of $18,000 for the project including a $6,000 branding fee and $1,500 per month for 16 months.